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The Kurdish Associations in Sweden (KRF)
2015-07-28 16:00

The Kurdish Associations in Sweden (KRF) condemns Turkish airstrikes against Iraqi Kurdistan, which have resulted in many casualties and injuries of innocent civilian villagers.

The world has the past days beheld a military escalation between Turkey and the Kurdish guerrilla PKK. This is very worrying and has resulted in the termination of peace negotiations between the Turkish government and the PKK. Similar to its acts in the 90’s the Turkish government once again attempts to stifle the Kurds" right to democracy and self-determination by attacking the Kurds through military means. As a result, KRF is very worried about the situation of the Kurds in the Turkish part of Kurdistan.

After much pressure from the US and its allies, Turkey now argues that, after a year of war and misery in Iraq and Syria, it has joined the fight against the terroristorganization ISIS. This is obviously a falsehood – instead the Turkish President Erdoğan is clearly taking advantage of the situation by taking any given opportunity to eliminate the Kurds right to self-determination by attacking Kurdish populated villages and the Kurdish guerrilla PKK. The situation is unsustainable and there is an immense risk of a civil war in Turkey – which is a desirable result for the Turkish President. Why? Well, because when a new election is announced he might regain powerby ensuring that the pro-Kurdish party HDP doesn’t get over the unreasonably high 10 percent threshold again. HDP can eventually stop President Erdoğan"s push for morepower; HDP could stand in the way for his desirable Caliphate, a reason for Turkey to spill innocent blood.

In an article published on July 27th 2015, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström condemned the terror attacks in Suruç and urged both the PKK and Turkey to resume peace negotiations. KRF thanks Wallström for her statement, however considers them as insufficient. Instead, Sweden as well as the members of NATO must realize Turkey’s true agenda –dreams of becoming a superpower shape Turkey’s actions, nothing else. Sweden and the members of NATO must act rapidly and stand in the way of Turkey’s act of war, before more innocent blood is spilled. It’s humorously evident that President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Davutoğlu have neo-ottoman dreams and want to secure a Turkish influence over northern Syria in order to prevent the Kurds to develop a fully-fledged self-government.

Susanna Güven
Head of the Kurdish Association in Sweden
Stockholm 2015-07-28